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What You Must Buy For Your Love Doll

    In today’s era, love dolls have evolved beyond mere life-sized figures. For many, they’ve transformed into companions, providing comfort and a sense of connection. To optimize the experience and ensure the longevity of your love doll, there are certain essentials that every owner should think about investing in. Here’s a curated list of must-haves, accompanied by recommended places to purchase them. A separate section will be dedicated to cleaning, given the extensive potential list.

    Fem dom (Female Condom)

    Why you need it: Using a female condom can help prolong the internal durability of your love doll, making it usable for a more extended period. This simple addition can protect the doll from wear and tear, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

    Lubricant (Water-based)

    Why you need it: A good lubricant not only enhances the experience but also ensures the safety of the doll’s material. It’s essential to choose a water-based lubricant as it is gentle on most love doll materials and doesn’t degrade them.

    Recommendation: If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective option, this particular lubricant comes highly recommended.

    Synthetic Wig Spray for Easy Combing

    Why You Need It: Over time, all wigs not only become dirty, but their hair also gets tangled. If you’re like me and don’t tend to your wig after every use, you’ll soon face a serious tangling problem.

    The Solution: Use this spray for easier combing.

    S Curve Body Pillow

    Why you need it: The right positioning can make a world of difference. An S Curve Body Pillow allows owners to place their love doll in various postures, enhancing the experience and ensuring comfort for both the doll and the user.

    Hanging Swing Chairs

    Why you need it: Maintenance, dressing, overall care and of course sex, become much easier with the help of a hanging swing chair. It provides a hassle-free way to handle the doll, ensuring it remains in top condition. You can use the hook after that to put your doll and take care of her(wash her, clean her, powder her easy).

    Where to buy:

    In conclusion, like any significant investment, taking care of your love doll ensures that you get the best experience and longevity out of it. By investing in these recommended products, you’ll be sure to enjoy your companion to the fullest.

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