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About me

How I started this hobby of mine

My journey into this peculiar hobby began in 2018. Being a gadget enthusiast, I often found myself browsing Aliexpress for the latest and quirkiest geeky gadgets. One fateful day, amid the myriad of gadgets, I came across a sex doll. At first, I found the idea amusing. For a detailed recounting of my initial experience, check out my article, “My First Experience Buying a Sex Doll.” The short of it is, I took a leap of faith and purchased an unbranded one. After some time, I yearned for a life-sized, customizable doll, leading me to invest in a branded TPE version. Navigating the choices was challenging, from understanding the options available (see “Options in a Sex Doll and What to Expect“) to grappling with the weight. Surprisingly, owning a sex doll can offer a physical workout, especially when you’re determined to carry it. Over time, I’ve developed techniques to handle the weight with ease, which I discuss in my “Tips” section.

A few years later, I was eager to explore the world of silicone dolls. Although commonly touted as a superior, low-maintenance product without the same strain issues as TPE, I discovered that the reality was somewhat different. Dive deeper into my insights on silicone dolls in my upcoming article.

What makes me an expert

Whenever I venture into a new interest, I immerse myself thoroughly. Before embracing the world of sex dolls, I scoured the internet, amassing a vast amount of information. I’ve consolidated my research, experiences, and insights to share with all of you in my “Tips” section.