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My First Experience Buying a Sex Doll

    Buying a sex doll for the first time: My story

    Unraveling the Curiosity: Discovering the World of Realistic Sex Dolls

    On a brisk spring evening in 2018, as I delved into a treasure trove of unique geeky merchandise online, a lifelike sex doll listing piqued my interest. Curiosity propelled me down a rabbit hole I’d soon dub my “first-time sex doll review” escapade. “Could people be genuinely investing in these high-priced, realistic companions?” I wondered. My indoor-preferring nature often had me online, and after a lively party, my curiosity rekindled.

    From Hesitation to Purchase: The Leap into the Unknown

    Much to my astonishment, once more, realistic sex dolls made an appearance. One, with its immaculate craftsmanship, stood out. Maybe it was the remnants of my party spirit, but I pondered, “What’s the harm in trying? With my diamond status on Aliexpress, there’s some safety net.”

    When Expectations Don’t Align with Reality

    However, the received product was a far cry from its advertised allure. Fortunately, the EU shipping was timely, just as promised. Despite my rollercoaster of emotions, I dove into the nuances of sex doll care.

    The day it arrived was filled with high hopes. My overeager unboxing, unfortunately, left me without its original packaging – a storage essential.

    Although I lack the initial photos, here’s a brief comparison:


    Spotting the Differences: Product Advertised vs. Product Received

    Ordered: Lifelike 170 G doll with a tan complexion.

    Received: WM 140D look-alike, solid breast, fair skin, diverse wigs, Oriental-inspired facial features, non-standing feet, uncolored intimate parts.

    The differences were stark. After capturing numerous photos and navigating communication hurdles with the seller, Aliexpress’s intervention ensured a 90% refund on my $660 purchase.

    A Value Purchase in Hindsight

    Gradually, the sex doll grew on me. Its accompanying accessories, such as diverse wigs, colored eyes, cleaning tools, and a charming schoolgirl attire, added value. Its lightweight design made it relatively easy to handle. Regular maintenance kept it in reasonable shape.

    Final Thoughts: Is Buying a Sex Doll on Aliexpress Worth It?

    If you’re an Aliexpress diamond member and seek an affordable, realistic companion, this might be a worthwhile gamble. Should the product fall short, you’re likely to recover a good chunk of your investment.

    My Score

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