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Things You Should Know Before Buying a Sex Doll

    Want to buy sex doll? What you need to know.

    Most importantly, conduct your own research.

    The Doll forum is the center of the entire doll community. Check if the vendor and manufacturer exist on that forum. Why is this important? If you encounter an issue with your sex doll, you can post in their sub-forum, and the admin will facilitate a conversation between you and the vendor/manufacturer to resolve the issue. Every brand wants to be represented there and maintain their reputation. Additionally, there is a wealth of useful information on the forum that I use to summarize in an article.

    The doll is heavier than you might think

    Many people underestimate the weight of love dolls. While you can get used to it over time, many users sell their sex dolls shortly after receiving them because they did not anticipate the weight. This becomes particularly evident when moving the doll around.

    Also keep in mind weight that is in the description of the doll is without the head! Add another 3kg on top(if in the description is written 38kg with the head is 41kg.

    The doll may not look exactly like it does in the photos.

    This information is often kept secret. The doll that is promoted to you is photographed by a professional in a studio and enhanced in post-production to look exceptionally good. Some brands claim their photos aren’t enhanced, and it’s evident in the lifeless appearance of the doll and the absence of vivid colors. Brands like WM Doll, which produce some of the best TPE dolls, unfortunately use overly aggressive promotional photos. As a result, many users are disappointed with the doll they receive.

    Regular Maintenance is Essential

    The doll requires regular cleaning. This is not just for aesthetic purposes but also to prevent the buildup of germs that could pose a risk to you.

    They Take Up Considerable Space

    Even the smaller-sized sex dolls require a significant amount of space. Storing them can be challenging, especially if you wish to keep this hobby discreet and hidden from your friends and family.

    Plan Ahead for Storage

    Before your sex doll arrives, it’s crucial to consider where you’ll store her. A good rule of thumb is to think, “If you can fit there, it’s likely suitable for the doll.” If the space is too constrained, you might face difficulties moving her in and out. In the long run, this can result in either not hiding the doll or not taking it out frequently due to the hassle involved.

    The Possibility of Developing an Addiction

    When you find the perfect doll that resonates with your preferences, it might initially seem like the ultimate fulfillment of your desires. However, human nature is complex and often driven by a desire for novelty and variety. This isn’t just a trait of men, but a common human inclination. Over time, you may find yourself yearning for new experiences or different attributes in a doll, reflecting a broader range of human desires.

    It’s important to recognize that this urge for diversity is not solely about physical attraction or reproduction, but can also stem from a deeper search for varied experiences and explorations. With love dolls, this might manifest as a desire to own multiple dolls, each offering a unique aesthetic or experience.

    The bottom line is to be aware that your first purchase may not be your last. Financial investment in one doll could lead to another, as interests and preferences evolve. Acknowledging this possibility can help you make more informed decisions and manage your expectations about the long-term aspects of owning love dolls.

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