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Where to keep your sex doll: A Comprehensive Guide

    Love dolls have become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, from companionship to artistry. Regardless of your motivations, if you have invested in one, it’s crucial to ensure you store it safely and discreetly. Proper storage can extend the doll’s lifespan and maintain its appearance. Here’s a straightforward guide on where to keep your love doll.

    My Favourite: Under the sofa

    Most sofas have inside space enough to put your doll there. Some of them(like example mine) have center board for better structure. I cut it in the middle and now my doll can be hidden in plain sight.

    Original Packaging

    Many love dolls come in sturdy boxes designed specifically for their storage. It’s a good idea to keep the original packaging as it offers a snug fit, ensuring the doll isn’t exposed to dust or other potential damaging factors.

    Under the Bed

    For those who prefer discretion, the space under the bed can be an ideal storage spot. You might want to invest in storage bags or cases that protect the doll from dust and keep it in pristine condition.

    As bonus option if your bed is next to the wall is to put her next to the wall and add pillows on top of her. Then again she will be hidden in plain sight and your guest won’t even notice the doll there even if they sit on your

    Wardrobe or Closet

    A wardrobe or a spacious closet is another discreet location. Hang the doll in an upright position using a special storage kit or lay it down on a soft, cushioned surface. Ensure that the area is free from dampness and direct sunlight to prevent any damage.

    Dedicated Storage Units

    There are storage units and cabinets available in the market designed specifically for love dolls. These provide excellent protection against dust, moisture, and light, ensuring the doll remains in top condition.

    Displaying in a Room

    For those who view their love dolls as works of art or significant pieces of their interior decor, placing the doll in a dedicated room or section of a room is an option. Consider using a stand or a mannequin holder for an upright display. Ensure the room has controlled lighting to prevent any color fading.

    Travel Cases

    For those who travel frequently or wish to move their doll discreetly, there are specially designed travel cases. They provide both protection and convenience, ensuring the doll remains safe during transport. Only coins are that are way overpriced.

    General Storage Tips

    • Climate Control: Keep the doll in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures or high humidity can damage the material of the doll.
    • Cleanliness: Ensure that the doll is clean before storage to prevent any bacterial buildup. Dry it thoroughly after cleaning.
    • Position: If you’re storing the doll for an extended period, change its position occasionally to prevent creases or pressure points.
    • Clothing: Remove all clothes from the doll when put in storage and wrap it in cotton blanked or also you could wrap her inside with big plastic bag.

    Storing your love doll properly is crucial to maintaining its lifespan and appearance. Whether you choose to display your doll or keep it discreetly tucked away, ensure it is protected from potential damage factors like sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Your love doll is an investment, and with the right care, it can remain a cherished companion for years to come.

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