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Why to buy sex doll

    In this article will focus about why you should buy sex doll if you are still thinking about it(pros and cons)

    The “Why”

    The answer is not that obvious. Because buying sex doll is expensive item and noone wants to give away hard earned money without obvious benefit. Main pros in this situation is obvious – you will have woman like doll for sex which can have lots of benefits. Let’s think bout money part in details: You have one time fee for unlimited times sex. Of course depends how good you take care of her(cleaning). Alternative is paying for sex on a whore. Which in my experience is not that satisfying. I had friends that been with nymphoman and had amazing time but unfortunately I didn’t have this luck and only been with girls that didn’t enjoy it and pretend to like it, which for me is worse than jerking off watching porn. If you calculate how much money you need to spend paying for whore in the end is much cheaper to buy sex doll and you will be much more satisfied because you had it always ready to go whenever you want it. So calculating if you are paying 2-3 times per week for the experience for 3 months you will already will saving money.

    Fulfilment of your fantasies

    If you have any cosplay fantasies you can fulfil them without any judgment. In real life it’s hard to find a woman pervert enough to want cosplay fantasies.

    The elephant in your room

    When comes to decision to buy you also need to know all the coins of this deal. The big coin of this deal is you will have one big body in your room that when is not used in most cases you will want to hide it from your friends and family. In some cases this is really deal breaker – not everyone has enough space in their apartment.

    The cleaning

    The biggest issue doing it with a sex doll instead of with a real woman is the cleaning part. After you finished usually you stick for a while in the bed, and then go up and doing what you want, maybe take a bath. With a doll you will need to take care of her and clean her, dress/undress her again and put it back in her place. Because I don’t want doing this every time, you start using femdom or condom and not cum on her(because after the moment pass you are the one that needs to clean it). This is kind of breaking the moment because you restrict yourself in the act.

    Stuck with her

    No matter if you like it or not, you stuck with your choice – so be sure that you choose the best. If you are not sure – then don’t go it that choice. Also be careful with the promo photos – it’s not the same as the doll in 90% of the cases. Use my guide how to choose.

    Bottom line is – you will have only one doll(body) to fuck instead of every time to choose different girl. But at least will be with perfect body!

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