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The Allure of Realism: My Experience with Irontech Dolls 160cm Silicone

    Having spent half a decade with two TPE dolls – WM140D and the JY170G (enhanced with voice and heating systems), my quest for authenticity drove me towards more realistic dolls. Then, I stumbled upon this enchanting image, and without a second thought, reached out to Irontech.

    The Jewel I Ordered:

    • Height: 160cm silicone doll
    • Complexion: Natural
    • Other features: Exactly as in the image above
    • Head 1: S19 with Hard head texture, W6 wig in Shinning Green eyes
    • Head 2: S3 with Soft head texture and Enhance Mouth, W10 wig and the eye color from the promo photo
    • Removable Vagina
    • Gel Breast
    • Gel Butt
    • Articulated Finger Joints
    • EVO Skeleton
    • Standing Feet Without Bolt
    • Realistic Body Painting
    • All five versions of the removable vaginas (from B1 to B5)

    Ordering Experience: My liaison was Winnie, a delight to converse with, responding swiftly. Yet, moments arose when a question would hang in the air for days, leaving me anxious. Miscommunication did play a minor role, notably concerning the types of vaginas. But to be fair, language barriers contributed. Thankfully, all wrinkles were smoothed out, and they even threw in a high-quality outfit, albeit a tad snug for the doll.

    Shipping Chronicles:

    • Date Ordered: 28.10.22
    • Inspection Photos Received: 5.11.22
    • Shipped (with tracking): 8.11.22
    • At my doorstep: 22.12.22

    The package remained untouched for four months due to personal reasons. Its exterior was a pleasant surprise, even coming with helpful handling instructions. The interior had a usable camping blanket, and the provided wigs exceeded my past experiences in quality.

    The Doll Up Close: Minor Gripes:

    1. Fingernails: Lacking durability. Would prefer if they were embedded, resembling real nails.
    2. Hands: Slightly oversized for the doll’s stature. They rival mine in size.
    3. LPH: Leaves room for improvement.
    4. Feet: A tad small.
    5. Ankle: Overly thick.
    6. Flexibility: Silicone’s rigidity hampers movement.

    In creating lifelike dolls, perfection is elusive. The last mile is often the hardest. Yet, I applaud Irontech’s dedication to authenticity.

    The S19 face, albeit different from promo images, has grown on me. The S3’s beauty, however, was immediate.

    The Silver Linings:

    1. Her Curves: Absolutely mesmerizing!
    2. Weight: Despite her stature, she’s surprisingly easy to manage.
    3. Touch and Feel: An uncanny resemblance to human skin, especially when powdered.
    4. Aesthetics: She’s a visual delight. I’ve often been startled, mistaking her for a real person.

    I’m still exploring her, especially the various vaginas. But her sheer beauty ensures satisfaction, even without getting too intimate.

    For a comparative perspective, I also procured a TPE sample from Irontech. Noticeably, the TPE has a pinkish hue compared to silicone.

    A glimpse of my precious:

    My Score

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