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Starpery 165G Silicone Complete review

    Starpery 165G Review

    In this review, I will make a direct comparison with another silicone doll I own. You will also understand why my reviews are trustworthy.

    Wanting more

    After owning a dolld for some time, you may find yourself desiring more, perhaps even fixating on a specific model. This was my experience. I am eager to try as many brands as possible to determine which is superior and why. Unfortunately, this type of information is scarce on the internet. I became fixated on Starpery dolls because of their extremely realistic appearance, and their promotional photos appear unenhanced.

    After searching for the best price and promotions, I decided to purchase from Rosemarydoll. Starpery occasionally offers a second head for free in their promotions, which I found most appealing and managed to acquire at the right time. Rosemarydoll Layaway Payment system was perfect for me, as I didn’t want to buy the doll immediately but was keen on this promotion and didn’t wish to withdraw a large sum of money from my bank account at once. I ordered the Freya doll doll with these options:

    Shoulder TypeNew Gear Skeleton
    Skin colorWheat skin
    Breast TypeGel
    Areola ColourNo.1
    Labia ColourNo.2
    Fingernail ColourRed
    Toenail ColourRed
    Pubic HairNone
    Make upMatte – Head1&Head2&Body
    FeetStanding No Bolts/Hard Feet
    Extra ItemsHeating System 3.0
    BODY OPTIONSreduce weight
    BODY OPTIONSsilicone body
    BODY OPTIONSBikini Line
    BODY OPTIONSAdd Blue Veins
    BODY OPTIONSAdd Body Moles & Freckles
    BODY OPTIONSHyper-realism Body Painting
    BODY OPTIONSArticulated Fingers
    BODY OPTIONSUltra Soft Butt
    Head 1Head 2
    WigSame as picture
    Eye colorBrown
    Eye typeMovable Eye + Blood VesselsMovable Eye + Blood Vessels
    Soft Silicone HeadSoft Silicone Head

    Vendor advice

    After paying 70% of the price, I was contacted by their support team to assist with my order and make final adjustments. They advised me to opt out of the Heating System 3.0, as it’s unreliable, and the vendor does not support it after sales. Having had issues with my JY Doll’s heating system, I immediately chose to remove this feature. They also warned me about potential issues with the gel butt, but for me, it was essential, given the doll’s significant posterior.

    Manufacture and shipping

    Less than a month later, I received photos of my ready-to-ship doll. Here, I advise caution: do not change the eye colors from what is shown in the promo photos. The head will look significantly different, and if it’s not what you expected, you won’t have a solid basis for comparison.

    Shipping Experience

    There were no major issues with shipping. It was slow but expected. I was displeased that the box had been opened multiple times, but everything inside was intact.

    Inside the Box

    The box contained the standard Starpery doll set, which I found superior to Irontech’s, especially for cleaning. Unexpectedly, the set included silicone socks. Rosemarydoll also added some extras – a two-piece aqua swimsuit (easy to put on) and extra silicone socks. The wigs were decent, and I received three instead of the two I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. As I chose the “Same as picture” option, I received matching wigs for both heads, plus the long black wig I selected.

    The Doll

    The doll is stunningly realistic, though the tactile sensation is not as impressive (especially in comparison to others). She’s excellent for photography, but less ideal for sexual purposes.

    Quick preview of the doll:


    The heads are beautifully crafted and well-protected.

    Oral: Good, but not outstanding. They are not ROS.

    Connection: Comes with both quick connect and standard bolts.

    Eyes: Easy to adjust for better photos.

    ST Heads

    Tan lines

    While initially appealing, the painted tan lines are poorly applied and begin to fade after a few uses. I advise against this option, as it deteriorates quickly and looks unsightly.
    Rating: 2 / 10


    Visually stunning, but the feel is rubbery and stiff, reminiscent of a cheap whore low-quality implants. Compared to Irontech’s Silicone Gel breasts, this is a letdown. The only upside is their durability. Titfuck is possible but not satisfying
    Rating: 6 / 10

    Breasts compare

    Breasts compare


    Without a basis for comparison, it’s passable, but compared to a TPE butt, it falls short, particularly in terms of jiggle. The form is appealing, though. Still have good form tho. Wants you to fuck her in behind all the time.
    Rating: 6 / 10

    Doll's butt


    These are better than those on IT’s dolls, with a more realistic size and integrated nails, not just glued on. However, finger movement is more restricted compared to IT’s dolls.
    Rating: 9 / 10

    Skeleton and the body

    Gear skeleton is really good. You can move the doll easy and she stay it that position. Only if you move the legs in extreme end they will tend to go back a little to where silicone is not that tense. Example: when you are behind the doll and she is it upper position you can easy bend her back for easy penetration from behind.

    The body is made from softer silicone blend than Irontech which makes spreading her legs easy and comfortable for penetration.

    The weight is manageable especially if you have technique for moving dolls. If it’s too much for you – shame on you – go to the gym!
    Rating: 9 / 10

    LHP – Love Hole Placement

    The placement here is ideal, allowing for penetration in any position. Kudos to Starpery!

    Removable vagina

    This unique design is impressive, offering a snug fit and realistic coloration. It’s neither too tight nor too loose, and compatible with other brands’ removable vaginas.
    Rating: 10 / 10


    It’s not that present as with the vagina as texture because it’s more stiff but still can say that the feeling is good and satisfying!
    Rating: 9 / 10


    As bonus: Tattoos was easy to add and stick for long period.

    What I think

    Overall this doll is good but at least for me she is better as photo model than for sex toy. At least I got my MILF when I want ๐Ÿ˜Š

    She accommodates real women’s clothing, a convenient feature for those looking to dress her in various outfits. While not perfect for sexual use, she excels in other areas. Still in my section for clothes there is something for every doll.

    My Score

    3 thoughts on “Starpery 165G Silicone Complete review”

      1. Depends of the mood ๐Ÿ™‚
        Still IT is my most selected choice so far. I really want to add more brands to my collection but unfortunately they took lots of space.

    1. Seriously impressed by your collection and the quality of your review. Makes me consider saving up for one of these beauties! ๐Ÿ’ธ

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